Sunday, August 28, 2011


Apart from thinking that I had mumps, this weekend has completely affirmed my career choice and inspired me. I took a course on assessment and program design by Kevin Darby and I feel sooo educated! At first I felt sort of depressed when I realized just HOW MUCH knowledge there is out there, but then I got excited, because the possibilities are endless.

I realized that the way I've been training the past few months has been completely retarded. Yes, crossfit has its time and place when DONE CORRECTLY. But I was not doing it correctly. Doing 100 snatches is great, once a year, and when you're form is perfect. It's no wonder that my body was falling apart. So tonight Im creating a whole new program for myself that focuses on re-mastering technique at lower loads, grooving the pattern neurologically, and then adding load and intensity. I want to be doing this for the rest of my life, I don't want to  lose my shoulder in 2 years. One thing that this course reaffirmed for me was my strengths, and to focus on those. I'm good at Olympic lifting, I picked it up extremely quickly, my potential in it is big, and I like it. So why not?!?! And it's got a high badass factor right? When I say Olympic Lifting, most people look at you like, "what the hell is that", and once you explain that it's a form of excercise not related to pilates they turn their noses up at you :)          Always a great feeling

When I see my clients tomorow I can't wait to properly assess them. I admit, some of the stuff I had in their programs I might find out is completely awful for them to do. But hopefully assessing them correctly and with knowledge will lead to more effective and safe results for long term health.

So here's to education! :)

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