Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extraordinary Results

Extraordinary results call for extraordinary measures. I get it now, if I want to look like a super buff crossfitter, I can't keep cheating on my meals and doing sub-par on the metabolic conditioning aspects of my training. This is my pledge people, I am dedicating myself here to my diet (not a lose weight diet, but a lifestyle diet), and stating that I will no longer have a jar of peanut butter a day, nibble on fries at work, or lust after cheesecake. I just have to keep in mind the results:

As for training, today was dedicated to entirely upper body since tomorrow is a deadly leg assault. It's going to suck tomorrow because my legs are still shot from yesterday's max thrusters in 8 mins (60 at 65 lbs). Todays WODs were:
1) 5 rounds of (5 dips, 10 hand release pushups, 5 half rope climbs)--> still working on the full ones
2) 3 rounds of (10 pullups, 10 toes to bar/ knees to elbow, 10 bench press (75 lbs))

Here's a sneak peak at tomorrows workout, Im excited for it already. My legs are my powerhouse, so I love leg movements.

1) 21-15-9 of deadlifts (175 lbs) and box jumps (20 inches)
2) 3 rounds of (3 band sprints, 10 squat cleans (85 lbs), 10 bar facing and jump burpees)

I still have turf toe, so it's hindering any progression in double unders, and I'm hoping that tomorrows burpees won't aggravate it.

Other than the full jar of peanut butter I ate in two days, I've been enjoying having berries, apples and citrus back in my life. I've had quite a bit of chicken, spinach, ground beef, turkey burgers, cucumber, bell peppers, bok choy, and carrots. That pretty much sums up my diet. Meat is usually cooked in light coconut oil, and vegetables are eaten raw and crispy!

I have to get ready for work, so I will let you know how tomorrows savagery goes!

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  1. I wish you luck for your test and on your training , and the part where you come back to the table 10 times was really funny , i wish the caffeine would do the same for me !! Cant wait to visit you Little monster !! Love you !!