Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 1

Today was Day 1 of training again. Although I'm not competing for the upcoming contest I was originally a part of, I am instead training for a contest a few months away that I'm going to kill my past team in. Muahahahahahaha.

So today my best friend Karen and I did 5 sets of 10 reps of clean and jerks and bench press. When you're so used to doing 3-5 reps of things, throwing in 10 rep sets really really kills you. It also doesn't help that we didn't have chalk, but anyhow, here are my stats.

Clean n Jerk:
Set 1 ( 75lbs x 10) Set 2 (85 lbs x 10) Set 3( 85 lbs x 10) Set 4 (85 lbs x10) Set 5 (95 lbs x10)

Bench Press: 
Set 1 (65 lbs x 10) Set 2 ( 75 lbs x 10) Set 3 ( 80 lbs x 10) Set 4 ( 85 lbs x 10) Set 5 (85 lbs x 10)

8 ROUNDS ( 20 cal row, 10 pushups with hand release, 15 full power burpees). By the fifth round is when you really start hating yourself for recommending 10 rounds, but then feel grateful that you're teammate negotiated it down to 8.

It felt nice to lift some moderately heavy weights again. Tomorrow should be a leg day, I just haven't thought what I'll do yet!

Talk to you guys later :)

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