Thursday, July 5, 2012


I finally took a rest day today, after about two weeks of torture on my legs. I keep forgetting to take my own advice, and realize that my legs will get stronger after they have rested from a tough workout. They will not get stronger from constantly hitting them up with gruelling workout after gruelling workout.

With me, it goes to say, that when I don't exercise, that day's eating goes right out the window. But not today--> though I did cheat a bit.

Raw oats with chia seeds, homemade cherry almond milk, cashews, banana, and apple.
Lunch: salad with greens, zucchini, pepitas, onion, cucumber
Snack: brown rice noodles with homemade pesto (CHEAT)
Dinner: rice with homemade salsa (CHEAT)
Snack: cucumber/ ginger/ apple/celery juice

Hahaha. 2 Cheat meals in there, but I don't think a little bit of rice will kill me :)

I read a really great excerpt from "Vegan Companion" and thought I would share it :

"My reverence for all life has become my guiding principle. It informs every aspect of my existence, including my choices about work, entertainment, home decor, health care, fashion, and of course, diet. I have found my core belief surprisingly simple to adhere to. They are not sacrifices. If compassion is my religion, these are the actions that I use to celebrate it. These are my rituals. For me, living fully awake means embracing all species with the same level of respect and kindness.

Being a joyful vegan doesn't take willpower- just a willingness to try new things and chose mercy over misery."

Have a good night everyone, back tomorrow with a delicious salad and new dressing recipe!

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  1. This was really inspiring :) really like it :) P.S I need to work on my legs soon because i think i saw my mom legs for a second in the mirror HAAAAAA ! :) LOL