Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reverse grips

This morning I had protein pancakes again. I was so excited to get home from the gym to make them that I could have just eaten the batter. I decided to ride my bike to and from the gym instead of walk, and it saved me sooo much time. But trying to lock your bike up in a snow pile/drift, is a bit challenging, and frustrating. My parents would be embarrassed to hear the words that came out of my mouth. But to my defense, when you're covered up to your hips in snow, when there is no snow on the ground, except in the mound that you are in, then you have a right to curse.

I rewarded my hard work at the gym with a handful of raw mixed nuts, two spoonfuls of greek yogurt, and this beauty:

Spinach, rest of the bean salad with quinoa, and two hardboiled organic eggs. Delicious, and it's been keeping me full for hours, which is usually unheard of.

At the gym today, I did a reverse grip bench press, and I highly recommend you put it into your chest routine once in a while. It works a few different muscles, and it feels amazing. You have to use a slightly lighter weight to do this, and make sure to watch your form. I find that switching up your grip once in a while does wonders for shocking your muscles back into a growth phase. Or even do an alternating grip, so one reverse, and one regular. Just make sure to try it at a low weight first, to make sure you get the hang of it. No need to rip your arms off. Also in my workout today were some narrow grip bench presses (to work your tris), some weighted bench dips, smith upright row, shrugs, incline presses, shoulder presses, and some pulldowns. All in all a great workout. I topped it off with a 5 min spin warmup, and 15 minutes of tabata intervals (20 sec hard, 10 sec recovery, repeat). I was sweating major bullets.

Well, I have to start getting my stuff together for work and heat up some vegetables.

Hope everyone has a superb weekend :)

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  1. I love your sense of humor,and i think i would be really upset if there was no place to lock my bike !! you make me laugh , i want to workout with you !!! Love mom xxxx