Thursday, March 3, 2011

So it's been a while...

Hey guys, it's been quite a while! I've been in a sort of rut lately, feeling stuck in my present situation, and didn't at all feel like sharing my feelings on the blog at that time.

But the sun is out, its warmer, and i'm starting to feel like my old self.  I've made a goal that within 15 years, I want to live in California. I have no idea how to start that goal, but it's going to happen :)

Eating around here has been really good, lots of lean proteins, veggies, and fruits. I've been low carbing it, so the only carbs I really get are from fruits, and my oats in the morning. I mix it up though, on some days I do higher carb and some days I do lower carb, anything to keep your body from reaching a plateau.

I've also stepped up my game on the workout front. I've been supersetting most of my sets and shortening my rest to 45-60 seconds. I find that lifting for 8 reps and then sitting around for 2 minutes did nothing for me. I know that when I am supposed to lift something for 8 reps, I pick a moderately heavy weight, but if I had to, I could pump out 20 reps at the weight. I really need to learn how to believe in myself and my ability to lift heavier. But on that note, I really need to get hand straps. My grip gives out way too fast, it's one of the factors that limits me in going heavier. I have these dainty little wrists, so increasing my forearm/wrist strength is up there on the to do list.

I've also been taking one high intensity conditioning class a week, and it is amazing! I've also met some great people there too. Flipping tires, pushing plates, etc., it feels horrible when you're doing it, but you feel amazing afterwards! Conditioning is what my body has been needing to bring my shape up to the next level!

Now, for some food pictures! Heres some random eats from the past few weeks.

Note: I've been eating protein pancakes everyday for a month. This stops today!

Some lemon pepper salmon, and "Sweet Chili Heat" salmon

Kale salad with a garlic tahini marinade

Chicken salad with bean salad, greens, and feta

Shrimp pasta with spinach noodles

This is what Gigi does when we cook :)

Well, I have to head off to work! Hope everyone is having a great day :)


  1. I am so happy!!! to see you back !!! i miss reading about you and your training and your surrounding ,your fish and your chicken salad w/ beans look delicious and shrimp pasta!! mium mium !! I'm glad the Sun is back !! Love Mom xxx

  2. That kale looks delicious!! Garlic tahini marinade whaaat??